I found Patti’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and unbelievable ability to listen to what you want in a home and match or exceed your expectations, exceptional. From your first meeting until she hands you the keys to your new home you’ll be pleased and want your friends to have the same great experience. Thanks Patti ! Heidi Hauch

Patti Thomas was exceptional! I have never worked with a Realtor who listened as much, was as fast and efficient, knowledgeable, and paid as much attention to detail as Patti does. With her help we found exactly what we wanted in less than a week and were able to close in record time! It was such a great experience, I recommend Patti to everyone I know! Thanks Patti, you’re the best!
In Christ’s Service,
MMCC Worship Arts Pastor

Patti Thomas was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and took the time to understand our home buying needs. Being a honorably discharged disabled veteran, along with my wife of 12 years who is a first generation American, we were looking to go from being renters to being Proud American Home Owners. Patti Thomas was of tremendous assistance in this process, which was made even more daunting, as neither myself nor my wife had a vehicle in which to do our home hunting. Not to be dismayed, Patti took us in her own vehicle to view the various properties until we finally settled upon our new home. During this home hunting process, Patti provided her valuable insights and expert knowledge about each property, and about what she thought were its merits and its subtractions, as pros and cons or each property viewed, which was helpful in our overall home buying selection. Patti Thomas also had the Mortgage Broker from IMortgage come to our house to sign the documents, which was very convenient, as we did not have to travel to meet him in a downtown office somewhere in the valley of the sun. Eventually when it came time for moving day, Patti had her husband and a few of his friends assisted us in moving and we did it all in 1 trip! We are extremely blessed to have our new home, and to have had the assistance of Patti Thomas, not only was she a great realtor, but great human being as well. She went out of her way to help us and show that she understood our situation. We are immensely grateful for her hospitality and assistance in helping us become American Home Owners. We would highly recommend Patti Thomas to anyone who is buying a new or used home.

David & Cristina Hertzberg

Patti, you made me feel like I was your only client. You were available any time that I had a question or wanted to see a property. You got back to me within an hour of almost any question I had. I know you are so connected and know exactly who to talk to in order to get things done. My friends couldn’t believe what you got accomplished in 2 days’ time. The property we ended up buying wasn’t even one that was on our list, but it was one that you thought we’d like… and we LOVED it!

Patty, you are the best. I’ve been talking about you to all my friends, family, and random strangers whether they are in the market for a house or not because I want them to know how great you were to me.

Phil Compton
Teacher, Desert Mountain High School


I am writing you today to express my sincere appreciation for an exemplary ReMax real estate professional, Patti Thomas. Over the years I have purchased and sold many properties across the United States, making a profit on all but one transaction and thanks to Patti I have two more success stories to share.

The first. I had spent over a year on line and driving Scottsdale area neighborhoods seeking the deal of a lifetime. As an experienced real estate buyer I was convinced I could do the legwork myself and negotiate only with the selling broker leaving more money for me to negotiate in my favor. While previewing a house with my fiance we by chance ran into Patti. She offered to help us so I somewhat reluctantly agreed. What followed was the best thing that could have happened for me and us.

We could not have asked for a more pleasant and friendly real estate professional than Patti. She is a delight to work with and a wonderful person. Patti is also a take-charge individual who worked diligently to ascertain and achieve our goals. Her responsive and ongoing communications throughout the entire process were invaluable. She literally worked day and night for us.

I am a person who believes I can never have too much information to make the best decision possible so to me looking at more houses was better than looking at less. To achieve this goal Patti very willingly showed me/us houses all over the valley and in essentially every price range. Many houses multiple times. Not once did she complain or push back but continued to catalog our reactions while asking questions to be sure she and we knew what we really wanted in a home.

Having looked for so long and at so many houses, my fiance and I became frustrated and just wanted to essentially purchase the next house. After all the time and effort she had invested it would have been easy for Patti to just agree to make the transaction. Instead and potentially foregoing her commission opportunity, Patti actually questioned us thoroughly to be sure we were not just settling for a house where we would not be happy. She was right and we moved on.

From there Patti continued to educate us on the intricacies and perils of short sales and foreclosures. Through the entire process of working with Patti I learned that like the old saying “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”. Patti proved this to me time and again.

With Patti’s in depth market knowledge and guidance we found the deal we had hoped to find and ultimately purchased our primary residence. Although countered, Patti’s shrewd negotiations secured our purchase at the price we offered which was the top of our budget. Our home then appraised for over 20% more than what we paid. A very rare event in this local real estate market today.

Next, I had expressed interest in purchasing an investment property. Patti quickly found one in a great area that needed only minor renovations. This work was completed and with Patti’s expert representation in the rental process she screened and found us excellent tenants within a month. The units are now rented and cash flowing at double digit returns.

These succeses speak for themselves and we would not have achived them without Patti’s expertise. We are very fortunate and thankful Patti found us. She was there to coach and assist us each step of the way on each of these real estate purchases.

As is evident I would highly recommend Patti. I continue to share these success stories with all those I come in contact with and will recommend Patti to anyone needing a broker in the Scottsdale area market. Patti is very commited to her clients will be a great asset to any customer that chooses to hire her. She is also one of the most thoughtful and nicest people I know. I really cannot say enough about her. Patti Thomas is the best!


Tim Roth
TLR Properties